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Intelligent Security Technology


New Energy Technology

Adhering to the vision of "creating a cleaner earth for mankind", and taking new energy products as the core, the WEY brand has laid out the most comprehensive technology routes of pure electric, hybrid power, hydrogen cell, etc. in the industry in advance, so as to build a leading edge in the clean field, accelerate the implementation of electric strategy and comprehensive decarburization plan, and seize the high ground in global new energy technology. WEY has a leading and comprehensive technology strategy. In the field of new energy technology, the research and development route mainly consists of plug-in hybrid system, electric drive system and hydrogen technology.

6 Driving Modes, 3 All-terrain Modes,
Newly Upgraded Pi4 Platform, Providing a Richer Driving Experience

The newly upgraded Pi4 platform can give consideration to the development of vehicles of different levels, and provide multiple functions including 6 driving modes, 3 all-terrain modes, intelligent energy recovery and intelligent charging. The newly upgraded Pi4 platform can bring better driving experience and trafficability to drivers. The newly added "Superdynamic mode + launch control function" can make the vehicle burst into a strong driving force in an instant. Taking the newly released VV7 GT PHEV of WEY brand as an example, the 0-100km acceleration time is only 5.9 seconds, and the fuel consumption is as low as 1.6L.

BEV Electric Drive System

WEY electric drive platform covers a single-motor front shift or rear shift drive, or can be extended to a four-wheel drive system of dual-motor drive, so as to realize free distribution of driving torque between shafts. Meanwhile, with the advanced drive shaft assembly concept, electric drive components can be integrated deeply, thus, increasing the torque by 20% and the power by 15%, while reducing the volume and weight by 16% and 21% respectively. WEY is also developing a series of cutting-edge technologies. The energy density and battery efficiency can be improved for cobalt-free batteries; and the drive motor efficiency can be improved by the low-consumption flat copper wire winding technology. These new technologies will be applied in our plug-in hybrid and electric drive vehicles.

Hydrogen Technology

The world's top Hydrogen Technology Center has the independent fuel cell development and testing capabilities. WEY's Hydrogen Technology Center also has the independent development and testing capabilities for fuel cell systems. In the future, WEY will continue to research, develop and upgrade our core technologies. Coming soon!