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named after the founder Mr. Wei Jianjun
Makes a promise to pursue the dream of being China's luxury SUV leader with determination
aiming at writing a glorious chapter and opening a new era

Brand Creation

In November 2016, wey brand was released
As a Chinese luxurious SUV brand
Wey has started Chinese luxurious WEY time
since the day it is born

Brand Logo

From the flagpole to the flag

The unique vertical-type logo of WEY derives from the hometown of the founder Mr. Jack Wey——the big flagpole of “Baoding Museum of Zhili Govern-general's Office”, which is a landmark in Baoding, China. It is engraved with the pursuing and promise of the WEY brand: WEY will become the leader of global luxurious SUV brands and guide Chinese brands to develop further.

The WEY brand founder Mr. Wei Jianjun (JACK WEY)

makes the promise with his surname

Mr. Wei Jianjun, the founder of the WEY brand, named a brand with his own surname, realizing the creation of China's luxury SUV from scratch. In three years, the WEY brand has not only won 300,000 car owners, but also won back a place belonging to China's independent luxury brand from the joint venture brand. As the brand founder, he always dares to think and do.

WEY shaking the world

Between heaven and earth, vision determines a person's world, and courage determines a person's realm. With the pioneering attitude of the forerunner and the courage to be the first, he stands on a larger arena to compete with himself, shakes the world with a forward vision, letting the world listen to the voice of manufacturing China's luxury SUV.

Brand History

Stay true to our original aspiration and forge ahead

Since 2016, WEY era begins: starting from WEY, make luxury vehicle within reach.In 2017, from pioneering to leading: establish a benchmark for the leader of China's luxury SUV by standards; go ahead and lead Chinese brands to make breakthroughs and go forward. In 2018, WEY going beyond and moving forward: from Chinese WEY to international WEY, WEY became a pioneer of the times for Chinese brands to break through upwards and outwards. In 2019, new vision, new world: shape choices for the young with design insights of future WEY; perceive user emotion with Chinese ways of WEY guests; pilot WEY future with strength and move forward firmly. WEY will open a new world with a forward vision. WEY always stays true to our original aspiration and goes ahead all the way with the mission of "bringing luxury at your fingertips to the Chinese, and the luxury of WEY to the world" and the vision to "become a global leader of luxury SUV".