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  • Panther-style bionic design
  • Adaptive laser headlight group
  • Fastback coupe body

Pioneer appearance

Fastback coupe body, pulsed flow LED light group and front boneless spray wiper are coming for sports and born for excellence! Elegant design vocabulary is provided to create visual beauty. Dynamic elements are provided to express the majestic temperament. Elegance and dynamic echo perfectly, and fashion and coolness complement each other.
  • 12.3 inch full-color touch-control LCD
  • intelligently controlled rear luxury airline seat
  • Rhythmic ambient light

Comfortable interior

Ingenuity craftsmanship allows you to enjoy luxury.
The high-quality interior craftsmanship allows you to easily enjoy the distinguished driving experience. The ultimate in detail and the luxurious equipment configuration in the complete vehicle create the comfort of luxurious space and realize the perfect enjoyment from touch to vision. Let the enjoyment no longer be a fantasy, let the luxury enjoyment within reach.
  • 360° bird’s-eye panoramic visual parking assist system

Intelligent security

Several intelligent technologies are provided, and a safety barrier is constructed. The 360° real-time security unloads your heart while you are driving and enjoy the peace of mind brought by the “intelligence”. Multi-channel intelligent driving auxiliary system + all-round safety vehicle has undergone many tests, allowing you to enjoy every journey.
  • Fully automatic intelligent parking system
  • AI intelligent facial recognition


Humanity technology allows you to do whatever you want.
The technology is people-oriented, and the intelligence achieves freedom. AI technology enables intelligent interaction, and internet radio makes travel more exciting. The traffic information can be viewed at any time, and the remote control is safe and portable. The technologically-sense vehicle experience can be fully created so that you can enjoy the humanistic vehicle brought by the luxury SUV.
  • 2.0T+7DCT
  • 6+3 Driving mode


The perfect combination of 2.0T+7-speed dual-clutch hybrid is adopted. In terms of power systems, several core technologies such as high-efficiency drive motors, high-efficiency motor controllers, and second-generation high-energy battery technology are loaded. 6 driving modes + 3 terrain functions allow the driver to feel infinite passion at all times. The front McPherson and rear multi-link independent sport and comfortable suspensions guarantee the professional SUV chassis performance.