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All Configuration

Spacious Five-seater Flagship Electric SUV

Brand-new design


redefining the

"Spacious Five-seater

Flagship Electric SUV".

New Mocha,

the embodiment of natural

new aesthetics.

A brand-new design language that originates
from nature and harmonizes with nature.
Crescent headlights
Light emitted by the headlights is like moonlight from a
crescent moon, sleek, sharp, and determined to move

More scientific spatial

design, providing family

members with a

comfortable experience.

The flagship model goes

beyond just being large,

offering an unparalleled

level of spaciousness.

Provide every passenger a spacious
and unrestricted environment.
Vehicle length: 4881mm, wheel base: 2915mm
Vehicle width: 1960mm, vehicle height: 1690mm

The golden ratio goes

beyond just enjoyment,

awakening sensory


More refined comfort-oriented design,
creating a pleasant journey for every trip.
The front seat cushion is 510 mm long,
while the rear seat cushion is 500 mm long,
providing more comfortable leg support and a more
pleasant seating experience.

The luxurious rear seat

features a skin-friendly

large sofa, allowing for

long-lasting comfort

without fatigue.

NAPPA leather seats designed according to the
physiological curvature of the human neck, providing
comprehensive wrapping and perfect fit.
The rear seat width is 1450 mm, with a maximum
reclining angle of 122° for the rear seat backrest.
The multi-layer support system of the seats is designed to
provide a skin-friendly, breathable,
and resilient experience for perfect support and contouring.

Instantly transforming into

a "double room",

providing effortless sitting

and lying comfort.

With a 4/6 folding ratio, the rear space can be flexibly
expanded for endless possibilities.
When the rear seats are folded down, they become nearly
'flat,' with a maximum depth of 1915 mm,
effortlessly transforming the interior space
into a "double room".

An enhanced

full-scene intelligence,

reshaping the driving

experiences beyond


Dual-mode hybrid DHT


for a better driving


In the era of new energy, it offers superior solutions that
are both reliable and more efficient.
1.5T engine of high thermal efficiency
Top 10 "Chinese heart" engines, featuring advanced
technologies such as 350 bar center direct injection and
Miller cycle.
34kWh battery pack of high energy density
High energy density/low internal resistance battery cells,
supporting 6.6kW AC slow charging and up to 48kW DC
fast charging.
130kW high-integration two-speed DHT transmission
Won the 5th "LOPAL" World Top 10 Transmission
Award, with a transmission system efficiency of 97.5%.

Better experience in every

scenario, allowing you to

effortlessly cross mountains

and seas.

Both fuel and electric power, providing worry-free range
for your adventurous spirit;
more efficient and powerful, possessing a hardcore
strength that stands up to comparison.
More efficient power output
Three power modes
(pure electric, electric first,
intelligent hybrid)
Longer-lasting driving range
WLTC comprehensive range of
1100+ km under working
WLTC pure electric range of 175km under working conditions.
More economical in terms of
operating costs
WLTC fuel consumption of 5.55 liters per 100 kilometers.
WLTC comprehensive fuel consumption of 0.58 liters per 100 kilometers under working conditions.


perception for a broad

detection range,

providing precise

perception for enhanced


Multidimensional perception system without blind angle,
seeing farther, more, and clearer.
5 millimeter-wave radars, 12 ultrasonic radars,
1 ADAS camera, and 4 mega-pixel surround-view cameras

NOH intelligent navigation
assistance system,
for an easier and safer
driving experience.

Advanced intelligent driving assistance breaks through 48
million kilometers with verifiable safety escort.

Safer design concepts,

providing peace of

mind for family travel.

Multidimensional safety

protection, safety comes

before all luxury.

Safety begins with considering more detailed
High-strength body in White
Five-star safety body in White, with a high proportion of
high-strength steel and hot-formed steel reaching
78.15%. Designed and developed according to the
C-NCAP 2021 and EU E-NCAP dual five-star safety
7 major safety airbags
Standard configuration with 7 major safety airbags,
providing effective protection for occupants in frontal,
offset, and side collisions.
Multiple battery safety protection
Aluminum alloy casing material, reinforced steel
protective plates, exterior coating with anti-stone impact
layer for protection. It is highly abrasion-resistant,
impact-resistant, and provides protection against
dynamic cutting. It can withstand a maximum
compression force of 100 kN ( equivalent to a weight of 10
tons). In the event of a collision, passengers can be
protected from secondary harm caused by the battery.

Standard configuration
with 30 intelligent safety

Safety configuration should be a standard configuration
for travel.

360° HD panoramic image LDW (lane departure warning) FCW front collision warning RCW rear collision warning Intelligent turning/ILC

ESP body electronic stability system LKA lane keeping BSD (blind spot detection) ESS emergency steering assistance Front/rear row pre-tensioning and force-limiting seat belts

AEB emergency brake - pedestrian/vehicle/bicycle LCK LCA (lane change assist) FCTA front cross-traffic alert Automatic collision unlocking

ACC ELK (emergency lane keeping) RCTA rear cross-traffic alert FCTB front cross-traffic brake Automatic collision fuel cutoff

ICA TSR traffic sign recognition RCTB rear cross-traffic brake EPB electronic parking brake High-voltage power-off in battery collision emergency

TJA ISA intelligent speed assist DOW (door opening warning) Hill start/descent assist Transparent chassis

Smarter Coffee OS2,

the next-generation

Coffee intelligent cabin


Skydome central control,

four-screen linkage,

providing a comprehensive


Following the ergonomic comfort of the driver,
balancing driving, passenger comfort,
and audio-visual entertainment.
14.6 inch center control screen
9 inch W-HUD

9 inch touch panel screen

9.2 inch digital meter screen

Elegant and tranquil,

providing private leisure


Close the door and instantly escape the noisy world,
indulging in a private and tranquil space.
Turn on the audio system and immerse yourself in the
romantic melody.
7 major NVH noise reduction measures
Noise reduction design in 7 major areas: body, profile, air
tightness, acoustic insulation, chassis, powertrain, and
active noise reduction. The idle noise level is only
37.9dB (A).
Note: Idle noise in the 7 NVH mute is internal test data.