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  • Panther-style bionic front face design
  • Whole-car LED lighting sets

Pioneer appearance

From the panther-style bionic front face design, the elegant streamlined body, to the sporty exquisite rear, from the 12.3-inch color LCD touch screen to the super-size panoramic canopy, the VV5 caters to the unique aesthetic of the younger generation from the inside out.
  • Super-size panoramic canopy
  • Superior NVH performance

Comfortable interior

A large number of high-end slush-molded and coated materials are provided for the wrap-around integrated layered instrument panel to highlight the luxurious, comfortable, and exquisite atmosphere in the vehicle. At the same time, the slush-molded materials provide excellent scratch resistance and aging resistance.
  • 360° full-image intelligent parking
  • MEB low-speed emergency braking
  • Face recognition

Pioneer intelligence

360° full-image intelligent parking is safe without blind spots. FCW front collision warning prevents trouble before it occurs. ACC adaptive cruise is easy and comfortable.Voice interaction for unlimited communication. FOTA cloud-upgrade technology is intimate and convenient…VV5 creates a better travel life for you with intelligent security and intelligent interconnection.
  • 1.5T E15BA engine+7DCT
  • 2.0T E20CB engine+7DCT
  • 6.7L Fuel consumption per 100 kilometers

Pioneer power

1.5T and 2.0T are available for VV5.The 1.5T E15BA engine is economical and practical, with continuous variable valve lift technology and lower fuel consumption. The 2.0T E20CB engine has strong power and The time required for acceleration from 0 to 100km/h is 7.4s. With the first domestically produced 7-speed wet-type dual clutch transmission, it will bring you a smoother and superior driving experience.