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Explore VV6

  • Induction electric rear tail-door
  • LED intelligent sensor automatic headlight

Smart appearance

Panther-style bionic front face and family design inheritance give VV6 a strong sense of visual impact. The application of intelligent headlight technology not only creates a safe driving environment for drivers but also allows VV6 to provide a high degree of recognition in the dark. The inductive electric rear tail-door design is intimate and convenient
  • Nappa leather perforated seats
  • Luxury audio of Infinity 12 loudspeakers

Comfortable interior

From the texture of NAPPA leather perforated seats to the auditory feast brought by Infinity 12 loudspeakers, from the comfort of PM2.5 air purification to the quiet space of NVH 7 large quiet technology, the interior of VV6 has been fully upgraded in terms of luxury quality, making luxury within reach.
  • AEB active emergency brake system
  • Single-lane intelligent driving auxiliary

Intelligent security

The WEY intelligent safety system on the VV6 is highly integrated with dozens of safety configurations, including AEB active emergency brake system, fully automatic parking, megapixel HD 360° surround view, body stability control system in ESP 9.3 high dynamic version, etc., making the safety guarantee of the model solid.
  • Facial recognition
  • FOTA wireless upgrade


The facial recognition of WEY-guard mode can sense emotions. Voice recognition can intelligently interact. Mobile phone charging is easy and safe. FOTA cloud-upgrade technology makes functional experience more portable...
An intelligent network makes VV6 more than a travel tool, and it opens a new era of interconnected vehicles for millions of users, creating infinite excitement for life.
  • 2.0T E20CB engine
  • 7DCT wet-type dual clutch transmission
  • intelligent four-wheel drive system

Excellent driving

The 2.0T E20CB engine equipped with VV6 is powerful with low torque and powerful burst. The speed can exceed 100 kilometers in 7.5S. It cooperates with the 7DCT transmission, which provides lower fuel consumption and smoother shifting experience. The intelligent four-wheel drive system allows the VV6 to adapt to various road sections, urban travel, and cool off-road play. You can “control” it as you like, and start a journey at any time!