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  • LED light group in the whole vehicle+ “vertical” DNA design elements


The unique and dynamic front face inherits the WEY brand genes, which is subject to a “panther” bionic shape and is equipped with a bright net with new crystal diamonds. The stable and balanced structure creates a sense of “security”. It integrates the original “vertical” DNA design elements to further reflect the three-dimensional sports front face bionic shape. Combined with the vertical lamp design, the overall effect is extremely impactful.”
  • The third-generation intelligent HD streaming media wide-angle rear-view mirror
  • Nappa leather perforated seats
  • intelligently controlled rear luxury airline seat


From the comfort of a multifunctional steering wheel to the visual experience of a 12.3-inch instrument panel; from the comfort of NAPPA leather seats to the sound of Harman Infinity hi-fi stereophony;
From the PM2.5 detection system to the pure comfort brought by the cockpit anion air purification. The intelligently controlled rear luxury airline seat brings you an excellent experience all the time.
  • Single-lane intelligent driving auxiliary
  • ACC full-speed range adaptive cruise
  • AEB automatic emergency brake system


Several intelligent technologies build a safety barrier. The active + passive safety configuration 360° guarantees the safety of the driver's vehicle and escorts the safety of the passengers, creating an unshakable line of defense for life.
  • Fully automatic intelligent parking system
  • AI intelligent facial recognition
  • Three-vision driving record system


Several intelligent equipment, vehicle WIFI, two-way interconnection are loaded with full-automatic intelligent parking system, MOD moving object detection, NVH 7 large mute technology, MEB low-speed emergency brake, ACC full-speed range adaptive cruise, and other multi-channel intelligent luxury configurations. These intelligent configurations create a safe and technological vehicle experience for you.
  • 2.0T+7-speed dual-clutch
  • Three driving modes


The VV7 technology version is equipped with the perfect combination of 2.0T+7-speed dual-clutch with strong low torque and powerful burst. The combination of advanced manufacturing processes and dual clutch transmission technology brings a smooth and stable operation experience to the driver.