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  • Fastback coupe body

Pioneer appearance

Fastback coupe body, pulsed flow LED light group and front boneless spray wiper are coming for sports and born for excellence! Elegant design vocabulary is provided to create visual beauty. Dynamic elements are provided to express the majestic temperament. Elegance and dynamic echo perfectly, and fashion and coolness complement each other.
  • intelligently controlled rear luxury airline seat
  • The third-generation intelligent HD streaming media wide-angle rear-view mirror
  • Nappa leather perforated seats

Comfortable interior

Delicate taste
It gives you the freedom and awakens multiple senses. The essence of art and technology is integrated to achieve the perfect enjoyment from touch to vision. Convenient and comfortable equipment and high-quality interior craftsmanship make it easy for you to enjoy the distinguished driving experience.
  • Single-lane intelligent driving auxiliary
  • ACC full-speed range adaptive cruise
  • AEB automatic emergency brake system

Intelligent security

Several intelligent technologies are provided, and a safety barrier is constructed. All information can be collected in real-time to unload your heart while you are driving and enjoy the peace of mind brought by the “intelligence”. We do our best to infuse the belief of safeguarding life safety into the genes of VV7 GT. Multi-channel intelligent driving auxiliary system + all-round safety vehicle creates a strong backing from the inside out.
  • Fully automatic intelligent parking system
  • AI intelligent facial recognition
  • Three-vision driving record system


Intelligence and heart are united to create perfect harmony.
Intelligent interconnection + intelligent luxury configuration creates a technologically-sense vehicle experience for you, enabling you to enjoy the humanistic vehicle brought by luxury SUVs. Set off as much as you want to meet more excitement and possibilities.
  • 2.0T+7-speed dual-clutch
  • Three driving modes


VV7 GT is equipped with the golden combination of 2.0T+7-speed dual-clutch with strong low torque and powerful burst. The catapult start mode of Launch Control from 0 to 100km/h within 7.3S allows you to experience the feeling of an accelerated heartbeat. The combination of advanced manufacturing technology and dual clutch transmission technology brings a smooth and stable operation experience to the driver. The front McPherson and rear multi-link independent sport and comfortable suspensions guarantee the professional SUV chassis performance.