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All Configuration

Comfortable 6-seat electric SUV

Large spacer

and pleasant experience.

Large space

for family happiness.

Length: 5,156mm; wheelbase: 3,050mm.

Width: 1,980mm; height: 1,805mm

New comfort aesthetics.

Beauty of simplicity.
Elegance of technology.

Simple H-type front face
Simple but graceful H, inspired by “Home” Redefine
the aesthetics of new energy.

Large space in three rows,

for better experience.

Superior space, allowing for long-lasting comfort without fatigue.
Double-layer soundproof glass, more comfortable.
The maximum width of seat cushions and backrests in
three rows is 540mm, and the Z-direction height is

Ultra-wide central aisle,

To facilitate movement.

Warm comfort for family members.
Second row buckle hand and handrail
Assist buckles on rear doors for children in the second row of seats and handles for the elderly to get on and off.

1.8m camping "bed",

to admire stars.

Seats in the first two rows can be linked into a bed.
Enjoy nature with family members.

Large trunk,

for a family's luggage.

Maximum 1,040 Lspace after the third row of seats are flattened.
It accommodates one 28-inch suitcase and two 20-inch suitcases if rear seats are not flattened.
Super comfort in every detail.

All seats

are the focus.

Goddess copilot,

Preference for you.

Comfortable co-pilot seat for your goddess.
Co-pilot seat
Ventilated and heated NAPPA leather seat with welcome
features, 12-way electric adjustment, 8-point massage
and leg rest.

Pleasant driver seat,

Enabling leisurely trips.

Alleviate and avoid sitting, visual and mental fatigue
in long-distance driving.
Driver seat
Ventilated and heated NAPPA leather seat, with memory,
welcome features, 12-way electric adjustment, 8-point

Comfortable reception

space,for quiet ride.

Ventilated and heated NAPPA leather seats support
10-way electric adjustment and SPA massage, to reduce
fatigue in long-time ride.
Seats in the second row
Adjustable backrests (max. 50°), 4-way seat adjustment
+ 2-way leg support + 4-way lumbar support, steplessly
adjustable armrests, for comfort in long-distance ride.

Spacious third row,

more comfortable for families.

Heating seats in the third row, with MPV sitting height and
silent cabin design, providing more pleasant experience.

3.3kW discharge capacity.

Suitable for cooking, lighting, hot water and the like in
camping, and emergency assistance for others.
3.3kW discharge capacity, 220V discharge voltage
Powerful electric V8.

Higher efficiency.

Better experience.


smart DHT power system.

Even with six seats,
you can still experience a sense of freedom while driving.
Engine of high thermal efficiency
The engine (thermal efficiency: up to 41.5%) features
higher efficiency and better experience, to effectively
save fuel and improve the comfort and stability.

Ultra-high efficiency,

electric control in all


3 power modes, using electricity in urban areas and fuel
in high-speed running, thus avoiding worries in driving.

Pure electricity mode

Startup by engine is forbidden, in response to the
pursuit of pure electric driving.

Electricity priority

Electricity first, engine engagement for higher
power output in the presence of floor oil.

Smart hybrid

Use electricity first at low speeds in cities and fuel
at medium and high speeds. Start the engine
depending on the speed and accelerator status.

Long battery endurance,

for driving freely.

WLTC pure electricity mode: 180km; smart hybrid mode:
1,200+ km; acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h: 4.9s.
Super safety for the whole family

Every detail

for safety.

Mobile castle

for the whole family

Guarantee safety with sincerity.
The proportion of high-strength steel to
hot-formed steel used in the body frame
is up to 81%
Super high body stiffness
The proportion of high-strength steel to hot-formed steel
(maximum strength: 2,000Mpa) is up to 81%, thus greatly
improving the body rigidity and protecting the family


health life cabin.

Eliminate any hidden danger and care for all family
Antibacterial and antiviral interior fabric
The antibacterial rate is greater than 99.99%, and the
antiviral activity rate reaches 99.9%, creating a
comfortable, healthy, and safe cabin.
Intelligent and practical

Simple control,

Pleasant driving.

Coffee Pilot 2.5 for driving

freedom,Super strong

sensing ability.

26 hardware sensors for all-around safety.

Coffee Pilot 2.5 for driving

freedom,L2+ advanced

intelligent assisted driving.

Intelligent entry and exit at ramps
Intelligent lane change for safe entry/exit at ramp
intersections, making high-speed driving easier.

Interactive Coffee OS 2,

novel Coffee series

intelligent cabin system.

Intelligent emotional accompanying with time responses.
12.3-inch color digital virtual LCD instrument combination
1920 * 720 resolution, resistance to glare and reflection,
for better observation during driving.

Coffee OS 2 for interaction


ecological application.