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From the Chinese arena to the world arena

WEY aims at becoming a world-class luxury SUV brand and a benchmark brand of intelligent automobile manufacturing in China. The WEY brand was born with global genes and was created by a global elite R&D team, meeting the most stringent safety standards in the world. Now, the R&D system of the WEY brand has spread across the European Union, North America and Asia, and forms a R&D pattern of "seven countries and ten regions". In addition, the globalized coordinated development has been achieved in many aspects including products, technology, and talents. A global strategy schedule has been establish for the WEY brand, in which it is planed to enter the European market in 2021 and enter the North American market in 2023, in addition to expansion into other global markets. The WEY brand will face the competition with luxury brands in overseas markets to become a world's leading intelligent luxury brand, and complete the major breakthrough from originating in China to representing China.

Global layout: Global production and sales target of 300,000 units

Facing the competition with international luxury brands, WEY provides new energy products with prices similar to traditional fuel vehicles in overseas markets. It is planned to achieve global production and sales of 300,000 units by 2025, with the overseas market share reaching 30%.

R&D pattern: Seven countries and ten regions +30 billion yuan R&D investment

With Baoding as its center, the WEY brand has formed a R&D pattern of "seven countries and ten regions" covering Europe, North America and Asia and including Japan, U.S., Germany, Austria and India, and it will continue to invest 30 billion yuan into scientific research so as to keep its leading technical advantage.

Market entry planning: firmly step into European and American markets

Enter the European and American high-potential markets: enter Germany markets in 2021 and American markets in 2023, to face the competition with luxury brands in overseas markets; Forward-looking layout of WEY brand: set up Los Angeles Office and Detroit R&D Center, and carried out researches, automatic drive test and study of laws and regulations 3 years ago.

Product and technical planning: look towards new energies, embrace automation

Product: To realize electrification transformation, all the WEY models will be provided with electric vehicle options and a multiple of new energies in 2021; the first hydrogen powered vehicle will be launched in 2022; WEY will fully transform into new energy vehicles (NEV) by 2030, and provide no fuel vehicle any more, and the with NEV sales accounting for 50%; Technology: The mass-produced vehicles exceed L3 level of autonomous driving by 2020, achieve L4 by 2022 and fully reach L5 by 2025; R&D: the R&D pattern of "seven countries and ten regions", 30 billion yuan R&D investment; Cooperation: global supply chain, intelligent network, in-depth cooperation in the field of hydrogen energy;

Global executive team: gather top talents all over the world

Through the global talent introduction plan, the WEY brand gathers more than 400 foreign experts from more than 20 countries including Germany, America, France and Japan. In addition, the overseas localization team also brings together cutting-edge talents who have worked in Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Toyota, GM, Hyundai and other OEMs, Tier 1 parts suppliers and technological innovation companies.